Autumn Playlist. . .

Smart Playlists
Try this Autumn Smart Playlist:

Song name > contains > Red
Song name > contains > Orange
Song name > contains > Yellow
Song name > contains > Green
Song name > contains > Indigo
Song name > contains > Purple
Song name > contains > Gold
Song name > contains > Autumn
Song name > contains > Leaves

An interesting playlist for those Fall walks and drives. . . .

by Scott on Oct 14 | 8:00 am


I've tried "color" playlists in the past. I wish iTunes allowed "case" recognition as in "Red" not "red" because I get stuff like: "The Streets of Laredo" or "I'm So Tired" for "Red." You can put a space before the "red" as in " red" to weed out "The Streets of Laredo" and "I'm So Tired"
But then you won't get: "Red River Valley" or "Red Rain." Ahhhh. imPerfect iTunes!

by Crimson on Oct 18 | 10:48 pm

Agreed. I had considered making a "not so smart" playlist from my SPL, dragging all the tunes over to a regular playlist, then deleting the ones I didn't want. . ..

by Scott on Oct 19 | 11:21 am

Crimson, try this...

Song name > contains > " red "
Song name > starts with > "red "
Song name > ends with > " red"

It will work, but will be a bit more work.

by brainfire on Oct 20 | 10:12 am

By jove I think we've got it! Thanks! This helps with other ideas for playlists, too.

by Crimson on Oct 21 | 4:04 am

Actually, you also need to include this...

Song name > is > "red"

by brainfire on Oct 24 | 11:42 am

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