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Smart Playlists
If you are always getting new music and sometimes have trouble remembering what you've added recently this is a good one. It works well as iTunes won't mark a song as "played" until you listen to it all the way through.

Play Count -> is -> 0

I also limit it to the last 15 days with

Date Added -> is in the last -> 15 days

by shooks on Oct 09 | 12:28 pm


This is a great one to put on your iPod.
Next time you connect your iPod, it gets updated, so you can keep listening to this list until you've heard every song on your iPod.

I name this one "Not Yet Listened To."

I also make the Opposite list and name it "Already Listened To"

by anonymous on Oct 09 | 8:00 pm

This is okay, but it doesn't allow for the situation in which you've listened to a song but not rated it. You can't guarantee that you'll rate a song the first time you listen to it.

I've got a better version:

Date imported -> is in the last -> 1 -> month.

You can also add
Play Count -> is -> 0

if you like.

by japester on Dec 04 | 9:15 pm

Got a "Recently Added" that just lists all songs added in last 14 days so I can get all the new stuff as sometimes, when driving, can't safely rate a song despite listening to it.

by Marc Shaw on Sep 20 | 1:51 pm

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