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I don't have an AUX input on my car stereo for the iPod, so I have to burn CD's to listen to in the car.

Here is my Playlist to do that:

Match all:

Last Played is in the last 1 days

-- This makes sure something new is in the playlist
    every day.

My Rating is greater than 3 stars

Play Count is greater than 1

-- Make sure the rating wasn't a spur of the
   moment thing

Time is greater than 1:20

-- Get rid of those annoying filler tracks

Genre is not Comedy

-- I want music only

Genre is not Classical

-- And I want to rock out while on the road

Limit to 79 minutes selected by random

-- Length of a CD

Match only checked songs

Live updating

Now, I can burn a new CD every day and have it be different than the day before and offer a good random selection.

Note: The random aspect of this will break down if you just listen to an album, so you need another good randomizer playlist to listen to with iTunes/iPod. I find a modified version of the "iPod Personal Radio Station" playlist to be an excellent way to do this.

by Damaged on Nov 13 | 8:00 am


Maybe you live someplace where the FM radio band is too crowded, but may I suggest an FM adapter for your car? I use an itrip, which drives some crazy I realize, but in Philadelphia, it's not hard to find a spot where I can listen to the iPod just fine. I love having all of my tunes accessible, and the adapter is also great at taking over hotel clock radios so you can listen to your music while traveling.

The quality is - obviously - FM quality, but in the car I don't really need pure sound, so I don't mind.

by RB3 on Nov 15 | 1:20 pm

<<the FM radio band>>

Griffin has a free iTrip Station Finder utility that lists the best frequencies for anywhere in USA - not just unused freqs, but those w/o any neighbors - has worked well for me. I made separate iTrip playlists based on them like 'iTrip NYC.'

by nyorker on Nov 16 | 11:36 am

Er...don't you mean:

Last played is NOT in the last 1 days?

by Nafai on Nov 19 | 8:54 pm

iTrip is wonderful. My new cell phone has a radio feature - and I can stream my iPod music to my cell phone! Nifty, sure...

I don't know what I'd do without my iTrip.

by matthom on Dec 25 | 8:41 am

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