"Reconsider" Playlist

Smart Playlists
This is a good one after you think you have your library rated the way you like it, but imagine there may be a couple hundred songs hiding in your 3 star list that need to be "reconsidered" as 4 or 5 stars.

Create a playlist:

Rating is 3 stars 
 (or whatever the bulk of your music is listed as)

Last played is in the last 3 weeks 
 (or whatever, something recent)

Limit to 100 songs by most often played

This creates of list of your middle-of-the-roads that you have been listening to more than you think and should probably move up in rating.

You can also introduce a minimum number of playcounts.

Can use same rationale and analyze the higher rated songs, instead looking for least played in a long amount of time (3 months+), creating a list of those that you probably keep skipping past and should downrate.

by Lionworks on Sep 16 | 8:00 pm


So, after reconsidering (and promoting) 3-star songs, and after reconsidering (and demoting) 4-star songs, aren't the reconsider playlists going to be full of the newly promoted-and-demoted songs? This seems very silly.

by James on Oct 15 | 8:17 am

Don't understand James' comment. This playlist will generate a list of songs that need your attention. If you re-rate and promote a song, you would probably change it to 4 or 5 stars, and therefore the song would not show in the reconsider playlist (which is only limited to 3 stars.) Doesn't seem so silly to me...unless you are trying to do them simultaneously...

by Lionworks on Oct 24 | 10:54 pm

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