Preserving Last Played data across computers?

Hi all,

I set my playlists up so that they depend very heavily on Last Played (so that I hear lower-rated songs only once in a while, etc.) But I would like to be able to listen to these songs on multiple computers, as well as on my iPod. (I have three Macs.) Is there any way to sync the Last Played data? I think someone here recommended iPodRip for this sort of thing (I couldn't find the thread again). iPodRip does a good job of syncing Play Count - but it doesn't sync Last Played, which is more important. Will PodWorks sync Last Played? Is there another program that will? Or do I have to just copy the XML file every time? (The last one seems like it could really screw things up if things go wrong...)

by DisplacedHoser on Sep 14, 04 | 8:15 pm


I have found that this data is stored in the iTunes Music Library file, not the XML. I have successfully managed to preserve Last Played, My Rating and Play Count data by copying this file to another Mac. I don't know of a solution that synchronises them all. Maybe you could find a utility that synchronises specific files across computers. You could then use it to synchronise this file.

by japester on Oct 10, 04 | 5:35 pm

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