Can't select a rating?

I am trying to create a smart playlist with a rating constraint. Regardless of which type I select, "range", "greater than", "less than" etc, it will not let me enter anything in the feilds where you would actually select the rating.

I must be doing something dumb...?

by brock on Sep 14, 04 | 12:55 am


Try clicking and dragging from left to right.

by dfbills on Sep 14, 04 | 11:04 pm

I'm having the same problem. Is it a WinXP thing?

Just to clarify, we're trying to create a smart playlist in iTunes in order to select tunes with a particular rating. The problem is that we cannot input a rating in the rating field. The field appears to be disabled.

The comment by dfbills refers to rating a tune on the iPod...

Any answers or is this an iTunes bug (I suspect it is)

by GuitarJimB on Sep 26, 04 | 4:50 am

I have Windows XP and iTunes 4.6. If I choose "my rating" from the drop-down menu, it defaults to "is" and 5-stars. If I change "is" to "is greater than" using the drop down menu, the default remains 5-stars (there are actually 5 stars that appear on the screen). If I click on the 3rd star or 4th star, it resets it to 3 or 4 stars.

So - in short - I'm not having this same problem, but maybe this will help you narrow down the source of this bug.

by davepmiller on Sep 26, 04 | 3:01 pm

GuitarJimB - That's exactly what is happening. The feild does appear to be disabled. I am running XP as well.

I have found that the problem ony happens when the ipod is connected. It works just fine when it's not.

I just make playlists with it disconnected, then I connect the ipod and update.

That's the way I have been able to make it work.

by brock on Sep 26, 04 | 3:29 pm

Thanks brock, but it's the same whether iPod is connected or not :(

Thanks also to davepmiller.. your post help me cos although I can't see the stars in the field (iPod connected or not), I can guess at where they should be and therefore create rated playlists and it works!! WAHEY :) !!

by GuitarJimB on Sep 26, 04 | 5:30 pm

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