iPod updating "last played" ?

I just realized something...ITunes does not register when you played a song on your Ipod. If you play a song on your Ipod, it doesn't update the "Last Played" flag in ITunes...is there something I am missing? Is it clever enough that I need to listen to the WHOLE song?


by tunnellb on Aug 29, 04 | 2:25 pm


First, make sure your iPod settings are set to Auto-Sync. Then, check your iPod's clock settings. This should work for you.

by dfbills on Aug 31, 04 | 1:52 am

I realized the issue, you have to fully listen to the song to the point that it flips to the next song.

I should have never doubted the Ipod.

by tunnellb on Aug 31, 04 | 7:02 am

FYI you can scrub (fast forward) to the last moments of a song and let it play into another one and that counts as a "Hit." This comes in handy for me when I listen to a CD (on a normal cd player) and want the hits to count on iTunes.

by noname on Sep 12, 04 | 12:40 pm

It has to play the following song for about five seconds before it will count the previous song as being listened to. At least in my experience.

by pfunkdan on Oct 19, 06 | 5:06 am

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