One-Hit Wonders?

Create a smart playlist that only has artists which appear one time in the Library -- "One-Hit Wonders."


by frommert on Aug 29, 04 | 12:33 pm


I have a solution I use...which you will either love or hate.

After having my Ipod for a little while I noticed I would get really annoyed if I drilled down on an artist and only found one song. For artists whom I only have one song I move the artist/band name to the album field, and in artist I put, "Various Artists" This way, all of my "One hit wonders" are all in one place and I don't wear my Ipod wheel down everytime I need to cycle through all my artists.

Please do note that I almost never lookup songs by album...I almost exclusively search for songs by song title or artist.

by tunnellb on Aug 31, 04 | 1:50 pm

I'm like you tunnel, but artist is important to me -- album, though, is not, not if I only have one or a couple hit tracks in my collection. Consequently, for singles I put '- Singles -' in the album field if I have less than say 3-4 songs by the artist (if I notice I have more, I'll put '- Songs -' instead).

My one-hit wonders playlist is as follows, and it's a big laugh for parties or road trips -- since as you can imagine, most one hit wonders are fun cheesy pop fluff:

Album is - Singles -
Last Played is not in the last 2 weeks
Limit to 200 songs by highest rating

This is for a library with about 1000 singles, so adjust the number 200 as you see fit.

[Unfortunately, you can't make this SPL if you care about the Album field -- sorry! (though I suppose you could use genre, comment or grouping instead)]

by nyorker on Aug 31, 04 | 6:02 pm

One Hit Wonder playlist: There is an easy way, just not a smart playlist. Just go to Doug's appleScripts for iTunes (link available in the sites we like secton on this site) and download the Gather Up The One Hits script. It makes a playlist (called "One Hit Wonders") containing all the songs where the artist has only one track in your library.

I use it as a reference to a smart playlist to get all the NON one hit wonders - just use the condition that playlist is NOT "One Hit Wonders"

by Ms. Ryen on Jun 14, 05 | 11:52 pm

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