Welcome New York Times Readers

As many, many people have pointed out- SmartPlaylists.com has been mentioned in the New York Times today.

Thanks to all who've contributed over the past year. You've made this the number one destination for smart playlist discussion and information. We've come a long way since our "Hot Sites" mention in USA Today nearly a year ago.

That said, "Welcome New York Times readers!" Feel free to browse around. Please be sure to register and contribute if you like what you see. There's a whole world of possibilities beyond the simple iPod shuffle. (And many of those possibilities are not only watching what you listen to, but do have a mind of their own!)

-David F. Bills

by dfbills on Aug 26 | 11:00 pm


Thanks David. I read the article today and can relate, I have my Ipod for about three weeks now and have created some simple smart playlists.

George McGowan

by Gmac94 on Aug 31 | 4:06 pm

You're mentioned in the special edition of MacWorldPlus called "iPod User" too (UK edition anyway) - that is how I found this site.

by Marc Shaw on Sep 05 | 9:55 am

Cool! Too bad I missed that one.

by dfbills on Sep 14 | 10:55 pm

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