Linking songs?

Does anyone know how to link tacks so they always play together on random play? For instance Chicago's Prologue and Someday (from Transit Authority) should always be played together and never seperated.

by janeyssteve on Sep 08, 04 | 8:00 am


If you own the cd you can rip the tracks again but join them this time.

Apple's Site on importing

The site doesn't tell you how to do it but it's easy. After inserting the CD go to the track listings and select both the songs (Left click the first song and shift+left click the second) then in the menu bar click on "Advanced" and "Join Tracks". Next Import the CD and "Replace Existing" tracks. The combined songs will not have a playcount or a rating since it is a "new" song. But atleast they will always play together.

If you don't own the cd, you could always burn the songs onto a cd.. cheers

by noname on Sep 12, 04 | 12:34 pm

Sometimes the Join Tracks selection is grayed out - not sure why - any ideas?

by Marc Shaw on Sep 20, 04 | 2:12 pm

I had the same problem. I could not fins a way to get iTunes to join tracks. There was some obscure note in Apple's help that said the tracks needed to be sorted by track number.

I normally sort tracks by artist, so I click on the track number column and voila, Join Tracks was no longer grayed out and worked fine.

by Stevan on Sep 25, 04 | 10:48 am

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