smart playlist window too long?

hey all,

i'm trying to set up a smart playlist of a group of quite a few artists. unfortunately it seems that if i have more than twenty-four playlist conditions, the bottom of the window goes below my screen and i can't see it. i'm on an ibook, so screen real estate isn't exactly in abundance.

does anyone know of a solution to this?

by k:ponto on Aug 31, 04 | 1:47 am


This was briefly discussed here:


But, increasing screen resolution is not a solution for everyone.

by dfbills on Aug 31, 04 | 1:48 am

yeah...i'm on an ibook, so i can't up the screen size at all. the problem i've found with adding more from the top, is you can't access the bottom stuff without deleting the top ones.


by k:ponto on Aug 31, 04 | 3:04 am

Well, this won't really solve the problem of the ill-designed dialog box, but you could try doing two separate playlists with 12 artists in each, then make a new playlist that references something like "track is in Artist Playlist 1 or track is in Artist Playlist 2". That would glom them both together.

by brianw on Sep 08, 04 | 12:45 pm

ooo...good idea, i'll try it. thanks.


by k:ponto on Sep 08, 04 | 9:09 pm

You could try to use a virtual desktop system, so that your iBook thought it had more realestate to spread out onto. VirtualDesktopPro (http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/7966) is one choice, or you can pursue the free Desktop Manager (http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/12682).

Just a thought...

by RB3 on Sep 16, 04 | 1:09 am

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