Not so smart playlists?

I have a problem when I create a smart playlist using simple directions:

My rating is greater than 3 +
Limit to 25 songs selected by least recently played.

Now, what happens is that i get a whole heap of one particular artist or all tunes from a particular album. Is it possible for it to only choose say two songs from each artist that fits the critera, or no more than 2 songs from one particular artist? I run this using the random option as well, but when most of the songs on the playlist are from the same source it doesn't help

Any thoughts?

by Tony on Aug 16, 04 | 8:00 am


no oner got any tips for me? have i stumped you all?

by Tony on Sep 13, 04 | 2:48 am

I suggest the following: Change the limit to a high number, like 1000. Then, instead of using this playlist, use the Party Shuffle and set this playlist as its source. It might mix things up a bit more.

by Penner on Sep 13, 04 | 2:55 pm

This is a good job for applescript. Doug recently posted a similar script which listed one song for each artist "Gather Up the One-Hits".

by dfbills on Sep 14, 04 | 10:51 pm

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