Unrated Playlist?

I have a Smart playlist set to:

My rating is 0 stars

..and it brings up every song i have without a rating. However, theres a problem...

When I'm listening to this list, and I rate a song (which was the whole point of the list in the first place), the song then jumps out of the list (and hence stops playing). This means I don't get to hear the full song.

I don't want to have to listen to the song, then go back, rate, return to the next song and carry on....I want to be able to rate it and STILL finish the song. Any ideas?

by liam™ on Aug 12, 04 | 6:14 pm


I don't know how this would work in iTunes. Sorry. However, the song doesn't disappear on an iPod, FWIW. The iPod is where I do most of my rating for that very reason.

by hondo77 on Aug 13, 04 | 1:07 pm

You can work around this in iTunes by setting the Party Shuffle to your "Unrated" list. When you rate a song, it will continue to play. In fact, you can work ahead and rate songs that you already know how you'd rate them, but they will still be played; they will just not be reshuffled into the playlist afterwards. And it's a nice way to get a mix of unrated songs playing while you work.

by Pairaka on Aug 13, 04 | 6:21 pm

woah good think Pairaka! that works a treat!

by liam™ on Aug 13, 04 | 6:25 pm

Ooh, that's a good one. I even do that. Silly brain of mine.

by hondo77 on Aug 13, 04 | 6:27 pm

You can also un-check the box 'Live updating,' then re-check it when you're ready for the playlist to refresh.

by nyorker on Aug 19, 04 | 7:40 pm

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