Sync Playlists With More Than One Mac?

Hi. I use a Macs at work and at home and would like to be able to sync my iPod and its Smart Playlists with both computers, keeping the Play Count and Last Played information up to date. By default, iTunes/iPod only lets your iPod be "linked" to one computer's library at a time. Is there a way to override this?

by feaverthe on Aug 15, 04 | 8:00 am


I believe that the iPodRip and PodWorks shareware packages (both of which are pretty cheap) are designed to sync iPods with multiple computers. I've been thinking about getting them in order to do this. I haven't tried either of them yet, though - does anybody else have experience with them?

by DisplacedHoser on Aug 27, 04 | 3:11 pm

I've used iPodRip for my PC, and I was very happy with it. I used it because I bought a new PC and had no way to get the contents of my iPod transferred. There's another product out there called iPod Agent that helps to transfer some stuff, but not the valuable ratings and playcount data.

by davepmiller on Aug 28, 04 | 1:26 am

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