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I just came up with a clever little scheme to remind myself to delete songs I've decided I never should've uploaded, and to fix songs that skip or edit down those songs that have the 'hidden track' and therefore upwards of 5 minutes of empty silence:

I only rate songs 3-5 figuring if i'd give it a two or one - why have it on the iPod anyways?
so 3 is good - 5 fantastic...
one is "trash" and two is "fix"

I made a playlist called "Remove" and it's parameters are:
My Rating is *
live updating

and a second playlist called "Repair" it's parameters are:
My Rating is **
live updating

This works much better than the little post-it's I'd write saying "the cramps - what's inside a girl - skips!" or "Dead air in Mr. T, Experience 'god bless america'" which would just get trashed or lost...

cool site!

by puckles on Jul 03 | 10:56 pm


I do something similar: 1=Trash, 2=For Review, 3=I can live with, 4=Me likes, 5=Absolute Favorite. I spend most of my listening time on my For Review playlist. Some songs go up to 3 stars, some go to the trash and get deleted.

Now, how do you repair songs that skip? I can't figure out how to fix them. Any ideas?

by Clevershutter on Jul 14 | 3:36 pm

Repairing songs:

single pops/mic bumps (mostly live performances get these):i use a program like cool edit (audition) or soundforge... sometimes is just one click, so i can zoooooom all the way in, and clicking and dragging from what's called a zero crossing before the pop (where the wave hits zero) and a zero crossing after the pop (preferably so that the wave would continue - so if it was heading up before the pop, try to go to a zero where the wave is on the rise)

skipping: a program called exact audio copy might help a cd that's barely scratched if it's skipping, you just extract to your hard drive and burn the cd back out it's free - but you gotta find it on the web...
if the scratches are on the bottom - this is better than if it's on the label side. i've heard using a little brasso will help - I'VE NEVER TRIED THIS, NOR DO I BACK IT. there are other products for this problem.
if the scratches are on the label side and EAC doesn't help - you gotta find a friend with the CD or just go buy a new one... :(

Sometimes, if the skips aren't too bad, you can delete the dead air between the skips and reassemble the music. i've done this once or twice. it's not fun.

if the cd plays fine in a cd player, but skips in teh computer - try hooking up a walkman or something to your computer and recording it real time... also... not fun, but better than hand repairing a skip...

mostly the ones i mark 'repair' skip or they are live performances where there's banter about the next song at the end of the track, or some horrible radio announcer that i hate to listen to... or there was funny banter at the begining that got cut to the previous track by the person who recorded it...


good luck!

by puckles on Jul 24 | 12:47 am

Nice one ... unfortunately I feel the need to make use of all 5 ratings for other stuff, so here's what I do to catch remove/repair songs I find while listening to the iPod:


Play Count: is greater than 0
My rating: is 0
Limit to - 99 GB - by - most recently played

... so if I hear a problem song I just remove its rating and scroll to the end of the song (making sure to up its play count) -- then when I get home those songs are at the top of this SPL.

The SPL also has the useful side effect of catching songs you've listened to at some point, but forgot to rank.

by nyorker on Aug 19 | 7:22 pm

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