Why Should I Slave Over CD Tags?

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When you tag a CD, the data is stored in the iTunes Music Library database, so that when you put the CD back in the drive, it will remember exactly how you tagged it in the first place.

If you perfect your CD tags before ripping, instead of correcting the music files after, you won't have to do it again if you need to re-rip a CD. This happens--Hard-drive failure, the decision to rip at a higher or lower bit rate, etc.

If you have correctly tagged the CD, upon re-ripping, you will notice an additional benefit. Because the song name and album name, etc. match existing files, you will be asked if you want to replace the files in the library. If you say "Yes", the songs will be ripped, the tags, including artwork, from the old files will be attached, and you'll have a mess-free update of existing songs.

by japester on Jun 22 | 12:00 am


or alternatively use Musicbrainz to tag your files and save all that typing.

by Andy Baker on Oct 10 | 12:06 pm

Is there a way to turn this off? A bunch of my mp3s are on my fileserver. I can't edit the id3 tags on the fileserver directly (so I can't do it from within iTunes). I've now edited the tags, and I want iTunes to get its info from the (newly edited) tags. Instead, it's relying on the old, incorrect info. Any way to tell it to mind its business and use the new tags?

by Penguiny on Apr 15 | 11:07 am

You can specify an iTunes library location other than the default, which is in your home account.

Open iTunes preferences, click the Advanced icon and you will see the path to your music. Click the Change... button to change it to your server. iTunes will then look to your server whenever it is launched. Any music you import will go straight to the server.

This is the neatest solution, as you are centralising all your data and not editing it twice.

by japester on Apr 15 | 6:44 pm

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