basic question AND query, i think?

tell me, how do i pick a playlist that uses multi genres do i have to say AND or something? do i join up words or seperate them? i'm confused. Like if i have one genre called 'rock' and another one called 'funk' can i get a SPL to choose songs from those 2 genres? Please don't roll your eyes!
Also how about so that the list renews itself each time it cycles thru? sorry for the dumbness. Am new to this. Not music though, on that i'm damn clever.
Cheers for any help.

by Tony on Jul 13, 04 | 12:20 am


First fill in Artist > Contains > Rock. Then click the + button next to what you've just filled in. You'll get a second line where you can enter Artist > Contains > Funk. You'll notice that entering a second criterion will make the top read "Match ALL of the following conditions" -- change that to ANY. Voila, a playlist that contains all your funk songs AND all your rock songs.

If you check "Limit to (25, 100, whatever) songs" and also check "Live updating", the list will renew itself each time it cycles through. Hope I'm understanding your question correctly.

by brianw on Jul 13, 04 | 1:12 am

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