4-some playlists?

I would like to be able to generate smart playlists where each 4 sequential tracks come from the same album.. or from the same artist... or from the same playlist.

any ideas?

DETAILS: I'm an argentine-tango dancer/teacher. In tango evenings in BuenosAires the tango DJs set up the music in 'Tandas': 4 musical pieces of the same orchestra and same style. Then they play a 'Cortina' (the 'curtain' music) which is supposed to be something non-dancable. This clears the dance floor, and then everything starts again with a new orchestra/style. I would LOVE to be able to make a TangoSmartlist! Please help!

more info: click here

by Shawn on May 29, 04 | 8:39 am


Since you want the music to be arranged in groups of 5 [4+1], you really can't do this with a smartplaylist. But you can probably do it with several...

A simple one would be Genre is [Tango or whatever] and then add Track Number is in the Range 1 to 4 [or whatever numbers you would like].

This will give you a smartlist with all the #1-4 tracks in the genre.

Make a new regular playlist, drag 4 tracks from the smartlist, add a random one from the library, and repeat.

Its not the perfect solution but the best I could think of!

by Mike M on Jun 01, 04 | 1:35 pm

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