Less Songs on iPod vs. Library?

I have 8966 songs in my Library, thus far. I have rated about 2000 1 Star and I don't want those to synch to my iPod, allowing me more higher or non-rated songs to fit.

I've looked in Doug's AppleScripts to no avail but I may have not recognized what I want.

I'm thinking there must be a way to have all 1 Star rated (or other criteria wanted) tunes be ignored but can't figure out a way to accomplish this.

Is it possible to create a second Library with just the 1 Star songs in that one?

by mdtoipod on Jun 14, 04 | 8:00 am


Just open the iPod prefs in iTunes and choose to sync only selected playlists.

Make a smart playlist of all songs except 1 star and sync that to the iPod.

by Mike M on Jun 14, 04 | 12:42 pm


You may have clued me to understanding something, i.e., does the iPod only take playlists, not the Library when you synch?

If that's true, I'd only have to uncheck the 1 Star rated and choose 'only update checked songs' on the iPod menu. Am I off base here?

Thanks again.

by mdtoipod on Jun 14, 04 | 1:56 pm

It will sync the whole library unless you tell it not to by choosing the 'selected playlists only' option.

You can use the checking and unchecking of songs as well, but I find that it gets really messy with a lot of files and it doesn't update automatically.

For example, using my smart playlist idea, if you're listening to the iPod and decide to make an unrated song a 1-star [you can rate songs on the iPod directly, if you didn't already know that], it will leave the iPod in the next sync, automatically joining the 1 star playlist.

With the check/uncheck method, you have to always do it manually.

by Mike M on Jun 14, 04 | 2:22 pm

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