iPod Auto-Sync Problem

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iTunes will get the confused about the auto-sync if the iPod battery goes dead. This will mess up playcount tracking.

Avoid if possible. Nothing is as annoying as coming home after a long trip and finding that your favorite plays from the trip are not synched back to iTunes!

by dfbills on Oct 08 | 12:17 am


As far as I know - this doesn´t happen on the 3rd generation iPods! They will remember everything - even when the battery was empty! ;-)

by Collin Croome on Oct 14 | 2:10 am

The data is stored on the hard drive, not in the player's memory. So it won't be lost.

However, there was a bug where the play counts file would be cleared when the iPod booted up cold, as in it had not been turned on in two days and had gone into deep sleep. I think this has been fixed in 2.1, but I have not tested it.

by Otto on Oct 29 | 6:57 am

I have noticed that if I let my iPod go dead, it sometimes forgets the date. :(

by bombcar on Jun 14 | 10:01 pm

Not only that, but the sync doesn't seem to work correctly when the date is reset. You won't get your play counts, etc. back into iTunes.

by dfbills on Jun 15 | 8:56 pm

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