So, how...?

I find myself now as the proud owner of two iPods. I currently have a 40gb 3G which I love, and recently work decided to reward me with an iPod Mini.

My question, is if anyone else out there has two iPods and if so, how do they sync them so that each of them has different libraries?

My one thought was to create a new user in Mac OS X and build a new library list for the new user. Can anyone think of a better or easier way?

by Unseelie on May 25, 04 | 8:30 pm


No answer, but I'm interested as well.

by thenightfly42 on May 26, 04 | 2:28 pm

Why wouldn't you just sync different playlists to each? iTunes can handle more than one iPod. If the 'pods have different names, you'll see them on the left hand Source column.

Select one and hit the iPod button in the bottom right and choose some playlists to autosync.

I'm running an original 5gig and a mini this way.

by dfbills on May 26, 04 | 9:40 pm

create a playlist called 40G. Manually add all the tracks you want on the 40G to it - or use a smart playlist and comments.
Create another called Mini - do the same thing.

The when you dock you can specify which Playlists to sync with each iPod. match the relevant list to the relevant device.

I do something similar with my 40G and my wife's 20G. Library is about 35G. I sync everything with my 40G at the moment (until it's full) cos I can and so that I have her music with me too to save arguments on car journeys. I only sync her playlist to her 20G so she only has her music and not my infernal racket.

by Ian on Jun 03, 04 | 11:52 am

Manual playlists! blasphemy! You should create at least one smart playlist and split the 40G into two 20G's one manual and one smart- ;)

by dfbills on Jun 03, 04 | 3:05 pm

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