Try a smart playlist?

I am trying to create a smart playlist that will play the music I havent listend to yet. So far it is is:

last played is not in the month

then I exclude certain Genres

My question is this, when the list gets created it wants to put the albums together. So I end up listen to a whole album instead of a list of random songs out of my entire list.

I hope I made this clear and any help would be great.


by Burn on May 19, 04 | 8:00 am


The easiest solution is to set your iPod or iTunes to random play. Songs will then be selected at random from your playlist.

by chris on May 25, 04 | 5:57 am

Burn, is your problem the actual songs that are being selected for the playlist, or just the order in which it sets them?
I am finding that whenever i use a limit of 'least recently played ' or other date limiter, it favours selecting as few albums as possible rather than randomly selecting songs from any album. I did a test with a few hundred songs all of which had zero playcount and had never been played.
When using 'limit to 200 songs selected by random' it came up with a list with a max of about 3 songs from any one album.
However when i used 'limit to 200 songs selected by least recently played' it came up with far far fewer albums most of which contained all of the tracks from that album.
Why is it weighted like this?

by kwangomango on May 26, 04 | 5:42 pm

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