Groupings Still Bugged?

In almost all my SmartPlaylists I have a condition of:

Last Played - Is Not In The Last - X - Days

Before the 4.5 iPod update, this has worked so that when I listen to a song on my iPod that track gets removed from the playlist for X days.

Now it seems when I add a Grouping condition to my SmartPlaylist it no longer removes that song from my iPod's playlist. (I just tried this with the Playlist Is/Is Not condition and it also does not work)


by noname on May 05, 04 | 12:03 am


Same problem here.

All of my smart playlists contain "Playlist Is" and "Last Played Is Not" - none of them update live on the iPod.

Obviously a bug - where do we report such things?

by mostman on May 14, 04 | 9:54 pm

I think the problem is that the iPod only updates smart playlists when you play them. Therfore if a smart playlist refers to another playlist then it won't update until you play that playlist as well. This is a real pain. I am having to synch my iPod every night to refresh my smart playlists.

by chris on May 25, 04 | 6:02 am

Interesting- this seems to be the first limitation of the "Playlist is/not" operator that I've heard.

Can someone confirm that the playlists to indeed update if you play both lists?

by dfbills on May 25, 04 | 8:39 pm

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