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Some of the biggest influences on my musical tastes in my life have been my friends -- there is so much music I first got into because it was played in their cars, at their houses or parties, on trips we took, in movies we saw, or in school together. As such, I find it a lot of fun to add my mates' initials to the comments category of songs that remind me of them, and then play the following playlist ...

Comment - contains - ABC [initials]
Last played - is not in the last - 1 mo.
Limit to - one hour
Selected by - highest rating [or just random]
Live updating

... whenever I'm away and miss that particular person, or alternately, whenever they're over visiting. Putting a Year range can also add a twist, and jog some memories.

Note: also works for ex-girlfriends, though not highly recommended :P

by nyorker on May 05 | 8:01 am


This really sounds like it could get you into trouble. Let's hope none of your ex-es are reading!

by dfbills on May 27 | 1:05 am

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