When did my music become work?

Smart Playlists
With almost 5,000 songs in my database, there are some that get left out. So I made this SPL:

Last Played is not in the last 12 months
Genre is not Books & Spoken
Genre is not Comedy
Genre is not Audiobooks

This grabs all the songs I have never played as well as all the songs I haven't played in over a year... which is 823 songs. I don't have enough time to keep on top of this! Too much data has become a bad thing.

by tuckergperry on May 05 | 8:00 am


I did something similar by using the "genre is not..." option to get only music. Thinking that I might use this approach again, I created a smart playlist called "music" that excludes all the tracks that are audiobooks, spoken, etc. Then I use "playlist is music" when I want to create a list that will only have music in it. Works great for "last played is not" and "last played 100 songs" and "top rated music" and so on.

by weldon on May 22 | 2:51 pm

For my 15 GB iPod I do the following (roughly)

5 GB of "Highest rated"
5 GB of "Rated" by least often played
5 GB of "Never played" "Never rated"

This ensures that the music I really like will always be there, and that 1 out of 3 songs will be something I haven't heard before.

Eventually this will use up all my music and I'll have to rethink it.

by bombcar on Jun 13 | 12:29 am

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