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Smart Playlists
One old standby I (and many others) use is some version of this "Forgotten Favorites":

- Rating - greater than - 2 stars
Sort by - least recently played

... it's a great playlist, but sometimes it gets glutted with mediocre three-star songs (the kind you want to listen to every few songs, not every song) and there aren't any four or five star songs left among your library's 'least recently played.' Thus, the playlist becomes kind of boring.

This can be solved with the new Playlist based on another Playlist variable in v. 4.5. Try the following:

Playlist A:
Rating - is - 3 stars
Limit to 20 songs by - least recently played

Playlist B:
Rating - is greater than - 3 stars
Limit to 30 songs by - least recently played

Then, the meta-playlist (the one that gets played):
Match any:
Playlist - is - Playlist A
Playlist - is - Playlist B
Limit to 50 songs by - random

Voila, now you always get 40% 3-star songs, and 60% 4-5 star songs! Adjust numbers to suit personal taste.

by nyorker on May 03 | 8:00 am


Great Tip!....i hadnt thought about using that function for weighted lists. Works so well....cheers

by liam™ on May 03 | 11:00 am

I just found another way to do this which does not involve having two idle playlists in your source list. Firstly, make a SPL with..
My rating greater than 3,
no limit,
select by least recently played.

Then, go to Party Shuffle...set it's source to the playlist you just created (least played Fav's) and make it play higher rated songs more often. You decide how many songs you want.

You'll now have a nice mix of songs. Liam1010

by liam™ on May 03 | 11:15 am

Good thought, except that iPods don't have Party Mix! Try this:
Rating - is greater than - 3 stars
Not Played within the last XX days/months/years
Limit to 30 songs by - Most Often Played, or Most Recently Played, since you're more likely have played the 'better' 3-star songs. Just an idea for iPod use. I experimented on a few of my similar lists and this seems to have the desired effect.

by Cashman112 on May 10 | 12:54 am

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