Those little arrows!

Ever since the iTunes Music Store debuted, I've been wishing that Apple would add those nifty little arrows next to Artist & Album to the main library. In 4.5 my wish was granted, but it wasn't quite right- those arrows take you to the iTMS!

Reading MacOSXHints today, I found that this behavior can be changed by holding the option key while clicking on the arrow. AND, if you quit iTunes, and enter the following command into the terminal:

defaults write com.apple.iTunes invertStoreLinks -bool YES

-relaunch, you get my desired behavior! Thanks, Apple.

by dfbills on Apr 29 | 3:46 pm


Could you please explain where this 'terminal' is and how we put it there?

When I first saw the arrows I thought it would do what it does when you hold 'shift' down, but was disappointed like you were. I'm gald there is a way to reverse that.

by TheScientist on Apr 29 | 8:28 pm

First, thank-you very much for the CLI.

Second, the terminal is a program in your applications/utilities folder. Copy this command...

defaults write com.apple.iTunes invertStoreLinks -bool YES

...to your computer's "clipboard," open the Terminal program, paste the command, press return, and quit the terminal program.

by psandiford on Apr 29 | 9:15 pm

On my Web site, I've posted a couple of AppleScripts that allow you to toggle this behavior within iTunes. No futzing with Terminal required.


Enjoy! (Love your site, BTW.)

- Jim Heid

by Jim Heid on Apr 30 | 11:42 am

Do you know of any way to do it on a Windows?

by TheScientist on Apr 30 | 1:58 pm

Windows? What's that?


I'm sure there is a way, but being A Mac Guy, a don't know what it is.

Jim Heid

by Jim Heid on Apr 30 | 2:15 pm

There might be a way by editing the iTunes prefs on a PC to do this. Anyone care to try?

by dfbills on May 02 | 2:08 pm

shift key and click on a PC

by Dion on May 02 | 11:35 pm

I'm not so sure Dion..maybe a dif. version?

I use Control + Click..works like a charm

by TaylorH on Aug 30 | 5:39 am

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