80's Music (Pop AND Rock)

Smart Playlists
I had always wanted to have a playlist that had my classic "80's" music, which for me would be rock AND pop. It was impossible to do this before (without doing a couple dozen "genre IS NOT") but with the release of the new iTunes it is easy.

Create two smart playlists, with one called 80s pop (Genre IS pop, year range 1980-89) and one called 80s rock (Genre IS rock, years 1980-89). Then create a third smart playlist, with "Playlist IS 80s Rock" and "Playlist IS 80s Pop" and set the Match to "any." This playlist will have all your music from the 80's that is rock and pop.

Any number of combinations of playlists like this shows off the new powerful feature of iTunes 4.5, and allows for much more in depth smart playlists.

by eric on Apr 29 | 3:51 pm


i think i've noted this in a post before but it's worth saying again, to help reduce ppl's clutter -- there's a cleaner way to do this that requires only 2, not 3 total playlists:

SPL1: Match ANY
Genre is Pop
Genre is Rock

[Play] SPL2: Match ALL
Playlist is SPL1
Year is 1980-1989

Now only one 'clutter' playlist! =)

by nyorker on Jun 25 | 6:31 pm

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