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One thing I like to do occasionally is listen to tracks that are live recordings, either in front of an audience or not, it doesn't matter. To do this, I filter my songs by playing tracks that contain - either in the Artist, Song Name, Album, Comment or Grouping - the words "Acoustic", "Unplugged" or "Live". This, I find, saves me a lot of time going through all the songs on my playlist that aren't pre-recorded. It's like a live concert through your speakers with all your favourite artists! Yay!

by Ryan on May 04 | 8:00 am


I did a simple search of all song names that contain (Live) in the title, and gave them the grouping "Live"

I wish there was a "Live" checkbox.

by bombcar on Jun 14 | 10:04 pm

Don't you get a lot of songs and albums with the word "Live" the verb? And Alive?

I did something similar, searching for "live" and tagging songs that actually *are* live recordings with "live" in the comments, so that I can include or exclude songs from playlists based on whether they're live. More time consuming, but a more accurate final product.

by mbft on Jan 26 | 4:33 pm

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