Recently played list not updating?

Hi everyone.

I've got something really bugging me with the Recently Played and the Top 25 played smart lists on a 40gb Ipod version 2.x

Basically, the updates only occur sporadically. For example I was listening to tracks on the way to work yesterday morning and on the way back in the evening. The ones in the morning got included in the lists in Itunes and the ones played in the afternoon did not. I have been listening to the Ipod today, and none of the tracks I have been listening to appear on those lists in the Ipod. Maybe they might appear in the lists when syncing to Itunes later, but it wouldn't be the first time if they didn't.

Does anyone know what is going on here and how to fix it if something is wrong?


by Alan on Apr 29, 04 | 8:00 am


You might check your iPod clock.

by dfbills on Apr 29, 04 | 9:56 am

I agree, I had this problem some time ago as well. The problem with me is that when I let the iPod run all the way down (in order to get full charges out of my battery and prolong battery life) I sometimes forget to reset my clock. I think this might be part of the problem. Also, double check that you have the latest firmware and version of iTunes, as I heard this was one of the bugs they were trying to correct.

by Cashman112 on May 10, 04 | 12:40 am

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