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I don't have the money for an iPod yet, but wanted rewritable mobility. Enter Maxell's 80 minute CD-RW's, which work fine in my factory stereo. This playlist gets the job ready for me before I leave. Just delete the songs and let live updating make a new cd for you everytime.

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Genre is not Sound Effects
Limit to 79 minutes selected by random

I found that if you put 80 minutes, sometimes iTunes reports that it won't fit on the CD. Use the Genre restrictors if there are other types of music you don't like listening to while driving.

by Nafai on Apr 20 | 8:00 am



I feel your pain of not having the money for a iPod (There should be a support group for people like us.) I've been trying to win one at my MacNexus meeting, but no luck.

So I too make CDs, and now I'm starting to mark each song I burn on a CD with the word "burned" in the comments section, so I won't burn the same song twice.

by Bakari on Apr 21 | 1:37 pm

Have you looked into refurbed older iPods? They start at about $125. Not pocket change but not the big bucks of a new unit.

And they hold their value pretty well, so when you have money for a new one, you can get most [if not all!] of it back.

by Mike M on Apr 22 | 3:09 pm

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