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My system is fairly straight forward. I have over 3300 tracks. I use all the criterias iTunes offer, even grouping for very specific stuff like female singers, british groups, guitar heros, etc...

1 star, least favorite. 5 stars most favorite. 0 star for songs that are fillers (those weird 30 seconds tracks with no purpose except in the context of an album.)

BPM goes from 1 (soft music) to 5 (fast gym music or hard rock and roll songs)

I have two major smartplaylists:

1. A wakeup call (early morning music):
3 stars and up
BPM of 2 and less
Limited to an hour 
(which is flexible depending on my schedule)

2. Daytime (I use at work)
1 star and up
Limited to 4 hours
Genre does not include Classic
Genre does not include Disco

by LennyS on Apr 21 | 8:00 am


just wanted to say thanks loads for this brilliant BPM idea that rates not likeability (as ratings do) but intensity (slow/fast, soft/hard) ... it's taking me a while to BPM-rate my library but it's worth it! now i can truly make playlists that reflect the mood i want.

by nyorker on Jun 25 | 6:24 pm

I strongly agree with nyorker.. I think that's brilliant.

by TaylorH on Aug 25 | 4:25 pm

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