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Songs added in the last month with no rating

by dfbills on Sep 15 | 10:55 pm



by musicpro on Oct 31 | 8:41 pm

More perfect: now use that playlist as your source in "Party Shuffle" and as you rate the tunes they won't vanish while you are listening to them. In other words, the song plays all the way through even after you rate it! And they will still drop off the "no rating" playlist you just made. _Very_ perfect.

by Crimson on Nov 01 | 6:59 pm

Now I can listen to my unrated songs, rate them in my menu bar with You Control tunes (http://www.yousoftware.com/itunes/) and listen to them all the way through!

Connecting the original tip to the Party Shuffle tip makes this so useful. Thanks so much, Crimson!

by Ms. Ryen on May 28 | 4:57 pm

I really like You Control. I promote it on other forums. It makes so much easier to get at your music especially when you're working and your display is crowded with a zillion webpages and software windows.

by Bakari on May 29 | 12:46 am

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