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I have read articles on finding album artwork, but i use a much easier method.

Simply go on a Google image search, type in the artist and album (or just album), and Hey Presto! right click, copy, and paste it as your album artwork. Quick and easy. Liam1010

by liam™ on Apr 09 | 12:29 am


An obvious and often overlooked solution. That's what I did before the amazon lookup tools (which are severely restricted now).

by dfbills on Apr 09 | 12:38 am

I like dragging and dropping the artwork just because it's so cool to be able to do it.

by hondo77 on Apr 09 | 2:08 pm

Yeh i wondered about simply dragging and dropping to the 'Get Info' screen, but will the artwork actually save on your PC/Mac when you do this?

by liam™ on Apr 10 | 6:22 pm

Yes, it saves it. It's how I do virtually all of my artwork.

by hondo77 on Apr 10 | 6:23 pm

You can also drag and drop any image file in the Finder or on a web page or other application, like FileMaker Pro, into the artwork pane (you may have to select "Show Artwork" from the Edit menu). You can also select a range of songs, get info, drag an image into the artwork field, then click Okay. The fastest way to clear artwork from a range of songs (e.g., when the artwork is incorrect), is to select the songs, get info, check the artwork checkbox, and without dragging an image into the artwork field, click Okay. This will clear any artwork stored, even multiple artwork.

The most elegant (and surprisingly inexpensive) solution I've found so far is iTunesCatalog. This application automates the process and gets good results. It can even transfer the images back to your iTunes library without you having to do so manually. I highly recommend this application to all Mac users.

by japester on Apr 11 | 9:34 am

Ever try Clutter? It's a small osx application will go out, gather the artwork off of amazon and put the album cover on your desktop or add it automatically to the itunes list. We all love it.
It's open source, works great and it's free.

by mcpoley on Jun 16 | 11:02 pm

For windows users try http://www.ipodsoft.com/iArt.aspx

by Seuss on Jul 15 | 5:43 pm

You might find this web app useful:


by slothdog on Oct 21 | 12:05 pm

dfbills -- What do you mean the amazon tools are restricted?

I've been using Tag&Rename for my collection, and it's done wonderful. It looks up the album/artist/track names as well as the album art and tags the songs appropriately. Haven't had any trouble with it thus far...

by Aurock on Sep 01 | 4:42 am

Aurock: That was a really old post- I guess those comments need the year added to the date string.

by dfbills on Sep 01 | 11:28 pm

I guess it's at least a year old, based on the date. :) Was there some kind of restriction on amazon data previously that has since been relaxed?

by Aurock on Sep 02 | 12:04 am

Exactly- I'll make a note to make sure to include the date enhancement in the next version of this site.

by dfbills on Sep 02 | 12:05 am

I wrote www.coverhunt.com using the Amazon API - still works fine. If you have any feature requests contact me at Thrive.

by Ross Hill on Nov 15 | 5:51 am

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