Last Months Most Played?

Is there a way to create a smart playlist that will list your most played songs for a specific time period (ie. last month) instead of just listing your most played songs since you bought your ipod. This would be great for compiling you monthly 'Top 40' and so on. But is it possible without resetting play counts every month? Thanks - liam1010

by liam™ on Apr 07, 04 | 5:58 am


You can restrict it with:

last played in the last 30 days

This let's you have hot songs in the past month.

by dfbills on Apr 09, 04 | 12:36 am

dfbills, that doesn't exactly work. It will list the "Most Played" for those that have had at least one playcount in the last 30 days, instead of those that were most played in the past 30 days.

by PsychoSpunk on Jun 27, 04 | 12:44 am

PsychoSpunk, you are correct with what you say, but dfbills' plan of restricting to;

last played in the last 30 days

is the best we can currently do on iTunes to give 'most played' since a certain date. It's not great by any means, but its the best you can do.

by liam™ on Jun 27, 04 | 11:26 am

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