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Smart Playlists
Here's my contribution...

Create a Smart Playlist:
Year is less than "1986"
Year is greater than "1900"
Genre is not "Holiday"...
Comment contains "radio"

This is yet another smart playlist that requires some work on your part (and some mental exercise!) as you have to add "radio" to your comment tags on all songs that were part of radio rotation "back in the day". Obviously, change the "Year less than" to the year after you graduated from high school, college, or any point in your life and it's like you're listening to your favorite radio station when you were younger!

I'd like to perfect this by adding more weight to the songs that actually fall in the "Year is less than" year, but I don't think there's a way to do that.

by network 23 on Apr 06 | 2:49 pm


Good suggestion.
I've also got "60's favorites", "70's favorites", etc:
Year is in the range 1960 to 1969
My Rating is greater than <three stars>
Genre is not "Classical"
Limit to 25 minutes selected by Random

by Sys Admn on Apr 15 | 12:54 pm

You could give more weight by seperating the two lists, before and later than, limiting the less than to say 4 hours and the later than to two hours, then create a third list that picks from the other two using random.

by Denrael on May 17 | 1:12 pm

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