Total Play Count on Windows?

I have seen the app. for finding the total number of times you have played your songs for a Mac, but i use iTunes on windows. Is there any way to add up all of my play counts for windows? thanks - liam1010

by liam™ on Apr 04, 04 | 12:04 pm


I found a way to do this...the site Musicmobs which has been previuosly mentioned on this site, allows you to upload your library .xml file to the site. Once you have done this, it shows your total play count, most played artist etc etc. It is really interesting to look at.

by liam™ on Apr 10, 04 | 6:13 pm

Good tip!

by dfbills on Apr 10, 04 | 6:16 pm

To do what i just said, you need to save your library by going to File > Export library in iTunes.....and this creates your .xml file. Because of this, i have two library .xml files....one in my iTunes folder and one in 'My documents' (where i chose to save the second)...can i delete the first and move the new one in its place?

by liam™ on Apr 10, 04 | 6:17 pm

There's also a site www.audioscrobbler.com which is pretty cool. You download a plugin into iTunes and it counts how many times you play a song, listen to an artist, and gives reccommendations for other bands based on the songs you play

by Jeff on Dec 13, 04 | 8:33 pm

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