Smart Playlist based on other Smart Playlists?

I have a "Music" Smart Playlist set up that filters out spoken word, comedy, holiday music, etc. so that only "normal" music is left. I'd love to be able to make other Smart Playlists that are based upon the "Music" playlist but can't find a way to do it. (I'm using iTunes on Windows.)

Is there a way to do what I want?


by phrend on Mar 30, 04 | 8:00 am


Unfortunately, this cannot be done. You might be able to work around this limitation by adding keywords to your comments field based on your original smartplaylist.

ie- add "normal" to comments of results of the first one. And in your second SPL, say comments="normal"

by dfbills on Apr 20, 04 | 8:06 pm

Gotcha, thanks. :)

by phrend on Apr 22, 04 | 4:17 am

I agree with the first response. You should take all your "normal" songs and just make add the comment "normal" to them all. Then, that will be the first field you use in your SPL, after that you can narrow it by artist, genre, or even a second comment in the field.

Hint: you can add the comment "normal" to all your results at one time by highlighting them all, and then CNTL + I - just f.y.i to save time.

by Cashman112 on Apr 27, 04 | 3:19 am

iTunes v4.5.0.31 for Windows supports this feature desire!!! (I'm sure that the Mac 4.5.x version does as well...)

1. Create a new Smart Playlist
2. Choose "Playlist" is <existing playlist>
3. <add other options as desired>


by phrend on Apr 28, 04 | 9:06 pm

Indeed it does!

by dfbills on Apr 29, 04 | 9:41 am

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