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There's been a lot of chatter on this and other sites about how iTunes will automatically choose which songs to put on your iPod when your entire collection won't fit. I've come up with a shareware app, Playlist Blender, that essentially gives the user more control over that process.

It's an interface that allows you to combine playlists in whatever proportions you desire in a master playlist of whatever size you desire. You can save and recall master playlist documents, so it's easy to create different playlists for different occassions, say one for your workout and another for your commute.

Playlist Blender also gives you a degree of boolean control that iTunes smart playlists don't currently allow.

I think I've worked out the start-up bugs that early users may have experienced, thanks to the help of SmartPlaylists.com's David Bills.

If you want to try it out, or just get more info, go to www.visi.com/~bwareham/playlistblender.html

Let me know what you think.

by Bill Wareham on Mar 12 | 8:32 pm


I think it's excellent and long overdue! Thanks Bill.

by dfbills on Mar 13 | 12:57 am

Just a short tip that might not be applicable to everyone who has this problem: But if you have a lot of "Chistmas/Holiday" music on your collection, simply sort your Library by Genre and "Uncheck" all your Holiday music after the season is over. Then, on your iPod options choose update only "Checked" songs. I know this won't solve many of those who have INSANE amounts of music. But for those who have just a smidge too much, it helps. Who needs Jingle Bells in May?

by Cashman112 on May 10 | 1:01 am

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