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I was watching the Nick Hornby authored - John Cusak movie "High Fidelity" recently. And there's a scene where Cusak's character is rearranging his extensive record collection autobiographically.

So when he wants to hear a certain song, he will have to think about where he was in his life at the time of purchase etc in order to find it amongst the thousands of records he owns.

I don't think such a thing is quite possible with SmartPlaylists, but I have kind of come up with something similar.

I think with good use of the comments field, you can cross reference a single song into many categories.

For example, one of my favourite bands is Lush.

My keywords in the comments field for Lush are:

4AD (the record label)
HighSchool (where I was at the time of release)

And then I added some descriptive words for their sound:

I also added some soundalike band names, for cross referencing with 'if you like these, check out these'...


You can see the possibilites opening up for cross referenced SmartPlaylists

I can have a playlist not just for HighSchool, but for bands I got into during HighSchool as a result of discovering ThePixies etc etc...

If they're named cleverly enough, they can provide a fairly accurate snapshot of a period of your life, that doesn't just require a date. You could add a person you were friends with at the time, someone you were dating that a song reminds you of...

Like I said, it's not quite the same as the autobiographical sorting from the movie, but can in someway tell certain stories of your life!

by Trouble on Mar 05 | 4:11 pm


I like this idea.

by Rewired on Mar 07 | 7:59 am

This is great! I am trying to implement it now, but it will take some time, of course. So far I have just added a line in the comments relating it to a period of my life, or the way the song makes me feel (note, not when the song was released or how the song SOUNDS mood wise-- a very happy song from 1980 might be "gradschool sad" for me).


by synecdoche on Mar 14 | 9:01 pm

I like to record the source of my music files in the comment field. (eg. my CD collection, bought from iTunes Music Store, ripped from DAT tree, borrowed from girlfriend, sampler cd from club, promo, etc.)

The nostalgia lists are easy to create by adding Year range attribute to the Smart Playlist along with keywords.

by dfbills on May 27 | 1:09 am

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