Filter Smart Playlists by Kind

Smart Playlists
You can use the "Kind" filter in an iTunes Smart Playlist to prevent anything but MP3 tracks from appearing in it.

Create a Smart Playlist:

Kind - is - MPEG audio file

Other strings are:
MP3 - MP3 audio file
AC3 - AAC audio file
iTunes Music Store song - Protected AAC audio file
AIFF - AIFF audio file
WAV - WAV audio file
Streaming Audio - Playlist URL
Streaming Audio- MPEG audio file

I gleaned these strings from AppleScripting. My favorite is "MPEG audio stream" for a Radio Stream because I can keep streams from being selected for a smart Playlist. They tend to just keep playing and I don't edit them out -- I was just about to write a 'script to do that for me automatically, when I stumbled on to this hint.

PS: If you are not sure of the "kind" of a track, copy and paste this to Script Editor, and run it while your "mystery" track is playing. It will display a dialog box with the kind of the playing track. You can copy and paste the info from the dialog:

tell application "iTunes"
        display dialog "Current track's kind is:" default answer ((get kind of current track) as string)
end tell>


Get info on the track and look for the value of Kind: in the Summary panel.

from Doug Adams

by dfbills on Aug 12 | 1:18 am


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