Ask Apple for a Better Keywords System

Most of us use keywords as they're vital in creating clever and useful smart playlists. I think it's time to get onto Apple en masse to ask for a proper keywords system. Following is my feedback on this matter.

"I've just used keywords in iPhoto 4 for the first time. I didn't use them in iPhoto 2, so I'm not sure if it worked the same way, but I'm impressed with how easily one can add, assign and search for keywords on photos.

"Many people use the Comments field in iTunes to store keywords. This is cumbersome and I would prefer just to use it to store information such as copyright, web page of the author, etc. How about including an iPhoto-style keywords system to iTunes? It would have to be available in smart playlists, eg. Keyword --> is/contains/etc. --> [keyword]."

by japester on Mar 08 | 11:20 pm


I agree! Espescially when it comes to Classical music.

by dave on Mar 09 | 12:00 am

This very issue lead me to this website. I forgot about the keyword system in iPhoto. It would be helpful if Apple added this system to iTunes, as I would like to build smart playlists based on keywords in the track info (comments), and currently managing multiple keywords on a track-by-track basis is a laborious task.
I'm following the Apple iTunes Feedback link that you posted, and I am submitting our request with a link to this discussion.
Thank you.

Toronto, Canada

by smartplayer on Oct 11 | 12:56 pm

Hello again.

Look at what i found:


It's a program that adds keywords to the Comments field in iTunes, and it even preserves existing comments.

I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure that I will.

Toronto, Canada

by smartplayer on Oct 12 | 12:06 am

In geekomon.blogspot.com i had a data manifesto. I proposed that metadata should only be limited to 8 fields. And within these eight fields, only limited to 8 more sub-fields.

No Classical Music or whatever Genre.

Purpose: Fun
Creator: Elton John(lyricist)
Source: Unfree (Money)
-UnderSource1: Professional (People)
-UnderSource2: Unsubscribed (Distro Method)
-UnderSource3: Apple (the Actual Distro)
Format: English Vocal
-UnderFormat1: Electronic String
-UnderFormat2: Percussion
-UnderFormat3: 128kps(bitrate)
Name: Best of Elton John
-UnderName1: Rocket Man
-underName2: Rocketman.m4p
©: 2005
Order: Disc #2 of 3
-OverOrder1: Track #1 of 5

This would be used to describe a variety of data, not just music. Podcasts, Apps, you name it. The regular ID tags would still be in place but music already genred as rock would automatically be separated into Electronic String as the major instrument and percussion as the minor. This way you could specify even further not by what type of music you want to hear but what type of instrument because the tools to create music last longer than the labels.

The point is to make a robust, yet simple system to order everything, with hopes that the underlying OS is smart enough to populate these tags using templates either downloaded offline, or built-in. Podcasts would be Fun, Free, Subscribed, Amateur..etc.

This system would also make ppl want to buy the original song because ripped pirated songs would not come with Robust tags.

by franko on Feb 19 | 3:58 am

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