Creating a "weighted" playlist based on rating

Smart Playlists
So you've taken the time to rate all of your tracks...now what are your choices? Create a Smart Playlist with only 4 and 5 star songs? That's nice, but there will be equal amounts of each, and what about the poor 2 and 3 star songs? This playlist will generate a weighted playlist, kinda like a radio station, with "hot", "medium", "light", etc. rotations.

1) Uncheck your whole library (hold the apple key and click the checkbox to toggle all)

2) Create individual playlists for each rating (I only use 2-5, as 1 star means I never want to include it in a playlist.) Limit these playlists to your desired "weight." For my 15 GB iPod, I use the following limits:

2 Stars - 1 GB
3 Stars - 2 GB
4 Stars - 4 GB
5 Stars - 7 GB

Make sure the "Match only checked songs" box is not checked.

3) Check all songs that appear in these lists.

4) Create a new smart playlist with a limit of 100 GB (with the above example, the list will only be 14 GB anyway.) Check the "Match only checked songs" box.

This will result in a ratings-based weighted playlist. You can keep it current by applying date rules to the individual lists.

by A/V Geek on Feb 15 | 9:00 pm


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