Never Been Played

Smart Playlists
This list shows songs in your library which have never been played. Good for rating your songs or listening to cuts you’ve added and forgotten about.

from Carl:

The Play Count feature is a fantastic addition to the iTunes software. I have a lot of music on my iPod that I have actually never listened to since I ripped it and sometimes I never listened to the whole CD when I bought it. So, I created a Smart Playlist that automatically includes all songs with a Play Count of zero. I then added further criteria to remove certain types of audio that I will only want to listen to in certain circumstances, such as Comedy and Books. By having the iPod set to Shuffle Songs mode, I have a constant stream of random songs that I have never listened to. If particular songs catch my fancy, I give them a star rating that I can then create another Smart Playlist from (something like "Noteworthy Music" that only includes songs with a three-star rating).

Create a Smart Playlist:
Play Count - is - 0

shooks writes:

If you are always getting new music and sometimes have trouble remembering what you've added recently this is a good one. It works well as iTunes won't mark a song as "played" until you listen to it all the way through.

I also limit it to the last 15 days with

Date Added -> is in the last -> 15 days

Other contributors: Richard Jee

by dfbills on Aug 12 | 1:16 am


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