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This is a great site. Lots of great info being swapped. Please bear with me as this may seem a bit elementary, compared to the pros here. I have about 20 GB of music ripped to my harddrive. I usually manually synch my iPod because I do not want all of my music to get transferred, but now have started to get more interested in the ideas of smart playlists to filter my music. Of course that will require some fun time rating and catagorizing what I have.

Here goes: Is it more effecient to auto sync everything? Seems that the iPod and iTunes can only communicate fully (keep track of playcounts, ratings)if this is done. Then keep track of things through the update of playlists? I have noticed that if I try to create playlists and do not synch the correct way, all of the other music I might have had on the iPod is removed. That gets very tiresome, but I know it is novice operator error.


by jowdawg on Feb 05, 04 | 1:31 pm


jowdawg- Set your iPod Preferences within iTunes to "Automatically update selected playlists only." With this setting, any playlist you select will be successfully synched in both directions.

by dfbills on Feb 06, 04 | 12:24 am

Now, I have a question about the syncing. If I select manual synching, will it still update the play counts and ratings, just not the actual songs that are added or deleted?

by Taco John on Feb 06, 04 | 1:10 am

Taco John: I do not believe it will. The manual setting does not mean manual synching. Just manual playlist updating.

by dfbills on Feb 06, 04 | 7:23 am

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