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Did you know that your iPod can display special characters such as foreign letters and "smart" or "curly" quotes? I don't know how to do this on a Wintel, but on a Mac, it's easy. Use key combinations such as shift-option-] for the most common one, a curly apostrophe for use in words such as "I'm". You can activate the input menu using the International system preference and then you can select "Show Character Palette..." from it. From here, you can see all possible characters.

You can update your library simply by searching for punctuation like the apostrophe ', which will show you all the songs, albums and artists you need to update.

It's a fiddly and somewhat perfectionist thing, but I think special characters just look great on the iPod screen.

by japester on Jan 31 | 9:53 am


Could you write the information out in Word, using the symbols maps, and then cut and paste it into iTunes? I haven't tried it myself, but that might be a possiblity.

by Taco John on Feb 03 | 11:34 pm

Yeh i tried doing it on word and pasting it in iTunes, and it works! looks ace on ipod too, taa liam1010

by liam™ on Apr 08 | 9:44 am


by dfbills on Apr 09 | 12:38 am

thats pretty, but then makes it harder to find songs with an apostrophe in when using the search bar...

by webbunny on Jan 02 | 9:57 am

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