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I have a number of playlists that I use strictly for administrative purposes, such as presenting all unrated songs for rating, songs tagged as temporary, etc. To distinguish between these and playlists used to find music for playing, I put a bullet (option-8) and a space in front of the playlist name. In this way, the administrative playlists get grouped at the beginning of the list of sources in iTunes and playlists on the iPod. It's easy to distinguish between playlist types in this way.

by japester on Jan 28 | 6:59 am


This is a great idea! I'm waiting on nested playlists.. now that would be even better.

by dfbills on Jan 30 | 1:16 am

I do almost exactly the opposite - I put my admin playlists in nested braces:


to ensure that they find their way to the bottom of my playlist list. Then I preface the playlists I actually listen to with .. .: :. or ::, depending on how close I want them to appear to the top. (I stole that idea from another post on SPL.com).

It works a treat to make playlists easy to find, even on the somewhat clunky interface that the Alpine iPod doohicky presents in my car.

by Penguiny on Apr 19 | 11:13 pm

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