Weighted playlist?

Before I bought my Ipod, I read a false story claiming that, in iPod, a "super playlist" could be created -- meaning that however one would score each song in the "My Rating" area would result in a weighted playlist, I.E. a five star song would get five times the "airplay" as a one star song, etc.

Someone here made a great suggestion that this can be created through playlists. In other words, first create a blank playlist. Then take the whole library, sort it by "My Rating", then drag and drop the songs to the new list multiple times, depending upon rating. For example, the five star songs, once grouped, would be highlighted, then drag and dropped five times to the new list, the four star songs would be dropped four times, etc.

End result, not too much work, and 3500 songs have become a 9000 song playlist - completely weighted by rating. Here's the problem: this is simply a regular playlist - and I want it to be a smart playlist, so that songs in the list are not repeated before others get a chance to be played. I want all the songs to have a chance to play once before going through the list again - for example, a five star song is listed five times in this playlist, and each of the five songs could be played more than once even in a random rotation, right? If so, some of the one star songs may take forever to come around, as they are listed only once.

I know that Ipod would play every song on a playlist once before cycling through a second time... but I'd have to let it play completely through.... I thought this forum would be the place to ask. Ideas? Solutions?

by Steve C. on Jan 19, 04 | 12:10 am


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