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I use an random playlist with about 1000 songs but everytime I start play it - it starts from the beginning and in the same series. I dont like to use the ipod shuffle I would like to have that itunes all the time makes a new series. Anybody how could help?

by MeisterDark on Jan 18, 04 | 2:44 am


I am interested in what I believe is the same thing.

To have Shuffle, but instead of Shuffle for ALL of the music on my iPod or iTunes, I want to only Shuffle the songs in a certain Playlist.

A possible solution.

Also, I've messed with Random, and noticed if I used it to fill from a Playlist of 10 Songs into a Random Playlist of 10 Songs, they always arrive in the same order, even when I delete and let refill. However when I fill from 10 into Random of only 8, (or pull 8 out of 10) then, they arrive Random, although it seems that some songs show up on the top way more often than should be Random. (and yes I know it is hard to guess what feels Random, so this is not math tested) Anyone really tested Random or learned all it does?


by MatthewS on Feb 18, 05 | 1:09 pm

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