iTrip stations in Playlist?

I have a playlist for my iPod:

Match Any

Playcount less than 3
Rating between 4 & 5
Genre not iTrip
Genre not Xmas

I can't get the iTrip stations out of the list since they've not played more than 3 times. I want them out as they are annoying but I can't figure how to force the playcout to 3 or above and there's not either/or ability with the match option.

I've heard about applescripts but have no idea about how to write one nor apply the script should one exist.

Anyone have a solution?

by mdtoipod on Jan 17, 04 | 7:38 pm


It should be match all, not match any.

by Mike Cohen on Jan 17, 04 | 10:12 pm

or use this script:
it's very easy. it works like a regular application - just open it and press the "play" button in Script Editor.
You have to select the tracks you want to change first.

by fastthumbs on Jan 17, 04 | 11:42 pm

Mike, thanks but the reason for the 4&5 rated is I want to hear those while I'm weeding thru the many tracks that haven't been played much for which I am doing ratings.
Fastthumbs, thanks, I'll try this out - appreciate the info.

by mdtoipod on Jan 18, 04 | 2:59 am

sure, anytime.

by fastthumbs on Jan 18, 04 | 11:33 am

I use genera does not contain "Unclassified"

by joe smough on Feb 20, 04 | 1:06 pm

I seem to remember an applescript that would actually remove a track from the main library, leaving it ONLY in a user-defined playlist. It seems to me that this would be perfect for you trippers.

by dfbills on Feb 22, 04 | 1:31 pm

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